The 26th Annual BareBones Halloween Extravaganza

Co-Directors: Rah Diavola & Angie Courchaine

October 25, 26, 31, November 1 & 2, 2019

"'And the fires will burn…' provides an opportunity to contemplate our ties to both nature and other humans within the sometimes extreme undulations of the natural and sociopolitical world."

- Co-Directors

BareBones Halloween Extravaganza 2019
2019 design by Dio


From Co-Director Angie Courchaine

“And the fires will burn…” provides an opportunity to contemplate our ties to both nature and other humans within the sometimes extreme undulations of the natural and sociopolitical world. The brief life cycle of a single dandelion is overlaid with varied rhythms of natural, human, and imagined destruction, rot, and regrowth. How can we practice empathy? How do we grow together when our struggles and successes are all different, and sometimes we cause each others’ suffering? How do we know when and what to transform?

From Co-Director Rah Diavola

Resilience and Hope. When asked about this year’s theme, that is my answer.

As the seasons change and the veil thins, we take time to reflect on everything that is, all that has passed and that which is yet to come. The cycles of life and death, greif and loss, struggle and success carry on. We put our gardens to bed and bundle in our cocoons to weather the long, dark and cold nights that lay ahead. We take time to go inward, to heal, to transform. We struggle to break free from all that holds us back as we search for light. We hold onto hope for spring’s renewal.

We chose the dandelion as thru line becasue of it’s simplicity. Within that simplicity, there is potency. Dandelions are a symbol of resistance, resilance and hope. They grow through the cracks and spread their seeds blown with wishes upon the wind and water. They are seen as weeds to be poisoned and destroyed. Yet they are brillant medicinal healers and readily available food for all. Dandelions continue to flourish and provide nourishment in spite of it all.

Thru all of our struggles, our heartbreak, confusion, greif and loss we must carry on. Find hope in the seeds scattered on the wind. In the river that rushes on. The webs that continue to weave and in the fires that still burn. It is an honor to be a part of this process. We are honored to share it with you.

From Both Co-Directors

In line with BareBones’ year of regeneration, we wanted to create a nourishing environment in all aspects of the show. With that in mind, along with the perpetual BareBones theme of individual and collective grief, we came to the community with the following questions:

What nourishes you?
What/How are we grieving?
What do we need to release?
How do we hold one another up?
How do we heal together?

Rather than choosing to illustrate one particular story, we looked at how the many stories and images from our community collided and converged. Along with the rest of the natural world, we struggle and overcome, again and again. Bearing witness to each others’ varied struggles and successes, we create space to grieve together, transform when necessary, and grow, even out of rot and destruction. Like eternal fires, we are resilient.

We are so grateful to all of the artists, staff & volunteers that come together to breathe life into this magical and immense project. It is a truly heartwarming example of what community can accomplish when we work together. Thank you all! PUPPETS!!!!


Haunted Tunnel

Set on a wooded path that leads to the pageant site are spinning figures of endangered creatures, our cousins on the tree of life. Their spinning creates a flicker between their lives in the flesh and their skeletons. A few steps further down the path are glowing cocoons struggling to release the metamorphoses within.


Three crones weave the web of everything that is, was and shall be. They retreat to their sacred fires to spin cocoons in preparation for transformation.


Dandelions are a symbol of resistance and resilience. Growing through the cracks and spreading wishes and hope upon the wind and water.


We are crafting a narrative about the nature of planetary extinction using familiar landscapes. We chose a river as the setting because we feel strongly about the sacredness of water and the importance of protecting it. We hope to create a moment of awareness and reflection.


What are the things in the world that weigh us down, hold us back? What baggage do we take on and carry? What do put on others? Will we ever be free of these anchors?

Web and Swarm

Free from the weights, transformation ensues. Once again challenges are faced. Some moths fly free, while others are ensnared in the web. We glimpse into the web of life that includes the creatures that hide in the dark cracks of our world and swarm in the light.


As the web of life continues, owls swoop in to feed on what the spiders have prepared. Some creatures are eaten, others are freed.

Ghost Owl

In honor and memoriam of our dearly beloved, Soozin Hirschmugl.

Fires of Destruction

The fires of destruction clear the way for new growth.

Calling of the Names

We invite you to call out the names of your beloved dead and join us in song of remembrance.


As the sacred fires burn, the fates begin their emergence from the dark cocoons. An egg hatches new life, rising from the flames. Fire birds dance of transformation, bringing hope for new life.


The wind washes the leaves and seeds together again. From the compost, new growth emerges.


The river washes it all away again and the cycle continues. And the fires still burn…..

When We Are Gone, They Will Remain

Join us in our call and response closing song.


  • Alan
  • Alex Eninsche
  • Alexis Carstensen
  • Alicia Dvorak
  • Amy Arsham
  • Andrew Young
  • Andy Arshan and Harris
  • Annaliese Kottner
  • Asher
  • Athena Zahn
  • Autumn
  • Bariana Nicholson Perkins
  • Brian Brugioni
  • Charlotte Smith
  • Ea
  • Ella Logan
  • Ella O’hara
  • Eva Cadderly
  • Finley
  • Grace Fredell
  • Haley Purvis
  • Haley Schwantes
  • Hannah Sinkinson
  • Heather Barrington
  • Huck
  • janie
  • Jaq Pau
  • Jerome Bowden
  • Jerome Bowden
  • Jim Parker
  • Jim Parker and Mavis
  • Jordan Rivera
  • Julia Gustafson
  • Kallie Melvin
  • Karen Crist Aalgaard
  • Kari
  • Kate
  • Katie Opstad
  • Keira Wesee
  • Kelly
  • Kiki Wesee
  • Kim Keen
  • Kristin Freya
  • KT Glusac
  • Kurt
  • Lacy
  • Laura Levinson
  • Lem Carpenter
  • Lizabeth
  • Lizbe Buhmann
  • Madison Reese
  • Makayla Pinnow
  • Malea
  • Marian Lucas
  • Mark Safford
  • Mary Jo Nikolai
  • Mavis
  • Mavis Parker
  • Morgan Wesee
  • Olaf
  • Olivia Groebner
  • Olivia Madson
  • Orren
  • Paul
  • Peter Schulze
  • Peter Zeftel
  • Rand
  • Remus Huber
  • Rio
  • Sebastian
  • Sharon Dill
  • Sierra Meyer
  • Sonja and Harris
  • Sophie Lorsung
  • Starri
  • Tara
  • Terry McDaniel
  • Tre and Amalya Blessing
  • Ty Chapman
  • Ulli
  • Willow Wildheart


This year’s BareBones choreographer is Kristin Freya. Kristin is the artistic director and choreographer of Vox Medusa and Heartbeat Performing Arts Center. For 20+ years, Kristin’s mission with Vox Medusa is to recreate women’s myths and female figures of powerful historical significance, by spinning classical stories with renewed life through a modern lens. Her work merges contemporary dance, original music, live vocals all set in a moving video environment. Her Heartbeat Performing Arts Center is located in Apple Valley. There, her Academy students learn the tools to craft choreography and playwriting with the mission to create their own annual original production.

Both Vox Medusa dancers and Heartbeat Academy students are performing in this year’s BareBones production.