Thank You

It takes more volunteers than bones in the human body to produce the Annual BareBones Halloween Puppet Extravaganza. A roar of “Thank you, all!” to the volunteers, collaborators, and supporters of all kinds, plus all those unnamed excellent others who helped to create the 24th Annual BareBones Halloween Puppet Extravaganza.

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Make a Gift to Celebrate 24 Wonderful Years of BareBones Puppets!

For more than two decades, BareBones Puppets has been creating a unique and powerful space. With our primary community event, the Outdoor Halloween Puppet Extravaganza, we create a new show each year that takes audiences on a journey through life, death, grief, and peace. Along with artists residencies, parades, and the annual Dumpster Duels event, BareBones is working hard to bring art into the community, and the community into art. You can make a gift today through November 16 to help ensure we can continue this important community building work for years to come.

The Artist's Bones 2017 · Videos by Daniel Polsfuss

Arwen & Jac Co-Directors
Stilting with Sarah Chapman
Starri-Altar to the Dead
Queen Serena Black-Staff Artist