Dumpster Duels! July 29-30 at the House of Balls.

Dumpster Duels returns to the Twin Cities at House of Balls for another exciting dumpster-off! Three all-star teams of puppeteers and trash connoisseurs will complete this year; each creating amazing puppets shows in record time using only garbage.

Rain or shine, Dumpster Duels 2017 will kick-off on Saturday, July 29 at Noon and run for an astonishing thirty hours while teams create characters, stories, and puppets from garbage. The competition culminates with performances beginning on Sunday, July 30 at 6:00 PM.

You are invited to come at any point in the process to watch the transformation of trash into wild and raucous puppet shows. Audience applause, along with heckling, bribery, and completely arbitrary rules will decide the winner.

Proceeds from the suggested donation of $10-$20 at the door will go toward the BareBones Puppets Annual Halloween Extravaganza. Special thanks to our esteemed sponsor, Vern's Dumpsters.

House of Balls is located at 1504 S 7th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55454.

Calling all TRASH:

Have things to donate to dumpster duels? We will take anything that hasn't touched food (unless it's a washed dish) or bodily fluids, isn't moldy, and isn't already a puppet.

Building materials, toys, paint, weird clothes, large quantities of one thing, sporting equipment, dishes, broken instruments, bedsheets, and furniture are all fair game! And whatever else you have that isn't gross! This event needs LOTS of trash to succeed, and we love the broken stuff that you can't donate elsewhere.

It can be dropped off in the dumpster at House of Balls (drive past the cedar-riverside light rail - down what looks like a dead end) starting when the dumpster arrives friday July 28. Your trash will be received until Saturday noon.

Barebones is thrilled to announce

Our co-directors and the music director for the Halloween Extravaganza 2017:

Arwen Wilder, Jacob Miller and Venus de Mars.