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BareBones News

Barebones Halloween 2018 Details

Hello Beloved Community!

We are excited to be on the cusp of starting to build for the 2018 show!

Builds will begin Thursday, Sept. 13, 7-9 pm and will be weekly Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7-9 and Saturdays from 1-4 pm-through October 11th

Build location:

Behind the Ivy Arts Building, in the old Park Supply Building.
2637 27th Avenue South Minneapolis.
Past the Hexagon on 27th, turn left into the parking lot.
Parking available behind Ivy – look for the cobra on the green door – follow the cobras inside.

Shows and rehearsals will be at Hidden Falls Regional Park in St. Paul.

Rehearsals begin Sunday, September 16 from 1-4 pm and continue at the same time on the following Sundays except the last week: September 23 and 30, and October 7,(Saturday) 13, and 14

Show dates are as follows:
  • Saturday October, 20
  • Sunday, October 21
  • Friday, October 26
  • Saturday, October 27
  • Sunday, October 28
  • Wednesday, October 31
Tech rehearsals are Monday, Wednesday, Friday October 15, 17, 19

Also- there is a ROMP at Heart of the Beast on October 6 after the Bread and Puppet Circus at 9 pm!

BareBones Halloween Show Fundraising Blast: $5000

BareBones is in the process of consciously educating and transforming its internal culture of creation and production to become a space that is welcoming of all community members who wish to join.

We want everyone who makes art with us to feel welcomed and safe. Each of the following six initiatives is part of an overall drive to actively educate ourselves about patterns of oppression at work in the culture around us and within our puppetry community, and address them with actionable solutions.

  1. POCI Art/Kitchen Interns $2000.
  2. Radical Empathy; Overcoming Intrinsic Bias. $500.
  3. Mediation / Emotional-Processing Support: $640
  4. Anti-Oppression Space Creation $300
  5. Self-care funds: $1060
  6. $100-500 *: as seed money for next year’s Barebones build

Please visit our GoFundMe page for detailed information.

Halloween Co-Directors Named

BareBones is excited to introduce our co-directors for the 25th Annual Halloween Show:

Malia Araki Burkhart and Tara Fahey

This team of dedicated artists come from rich, multi-disciplinary backgrounds with community focus.

Tara Fahey is a multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on puppetry, textiles, screen printing, and lantern-making. Since 2005, she has choreographed, designed costumes, directed, and performed with Chicks on Sticks. Her recent work includes co-creating the Monarch Migration Shanty and a current installation by the Illuminated Reef Collective. Tara’s lineage is a multi rooted tree from Ireland, Norway, Czechoslovakia and France.

Malia Araki Burkhart is a multi-disciplinary performance artist, producer and director, songwriter/musician, visual artist Somatic Massage Therapist, community artist, arts educator and mother. She is based in Minneapolis and has created art locally and internationally. “Art is necessary for the growth and sustenance of the human spirit. I dedicate my life to saying YES to creative urges and healing creative wounds.”

Venus de Mars, Music Director for 25th Annual Halloween Show

Venus de Mars

BareBones Puppets is excited to announce that Venus de Mars will again take on the role of Music Director for the 25th Annual Halloween Show.

Venus de Mars, leader of the glam-punk/trans-band Venus de Mars & All The Pretty Horses, is a recipient of both the McKnight-Multidisciplinary-Artist and the Bush-Artist-Support fellowships, a core artist from the 1980’s Rifle Sport Alternative Art Gallery, and along with her wife, the subject of rock-doc Venus of Mars [2004] Venus has also been the music director for Barebones Puppets Halloween Extravaganza during their 2015, ’16, and ’17 productions.

BareBones Halloween dates 2018
BareBones Haloween 2018

Statement from 2018 Co-directors
Malia Araki Burkhart and Tara Fahey

This year we are exploring the theme of "Ancestors", and experimenting with a different creation-structure. We will open with a ritual of welcoming and initiating, then put together 4 - 5 stories that Staff-Artist-teams and Community-members will be the designers and directors of, honoring or inspired by an ancestors-inspired theme. For example, Ancestors of a common diaspora, culture, or gender-identity; Ancestors recently passed away or from the more distant past; Ancestors with a common message; Ancestors who fought for or birthed or created something in our present world that we are grateful for or inspired by. Rehearsals will be a process of discovery, working independently and coming together for sharing/reflecting with each other. End of performance: A collaboratively-created ritual of closing and gratitude.

Map to the Build Site
Map to BaereBones Build Site, behind the Ivy Building

Upcoming Events

Tue 25

Tuesday Build 2

September 25 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Old Park Supply Building
2727 E 26th St
Thu 27

Thursday Build 3

September 27 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Old Park Supply Building
2727 E 26th St
Sat 29

Saturday Build 3

September 29 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Old Park Supply Building
2727 E 26th St
Sun 30

Stilt Rehearsal

September 30 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Hidden Falls Regional Park
1305 South Mississippi Blvd
St. Paul
Sun 30

Rehearsal 3

September 30 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Hidden Falls Regional Park
1305 South Mississippi Blvd
St. Paul