Call for Directors for 2019 Halloween Extravaganza

BareBones People

Each year, a new director or team of co-directors is chosen to facilitate and weave together our community-based collective storyboard imagining and creationing around the themes of the changing of the seasons, death and grieving, and the mysteries of life and death. In the past, a team of co-directors has worked very well and is a highly desirable asset, although not essential.

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BareBones is Seeking a Production Manager

The Production Manager oversees all aspects of the BareBones Halloween Extravaganza, working directly with the Hiring committee, the artistic director (or co-directors), the stage manager, volunteer coordinator, and the site manager. The Production Manager also serves as a point person for the Artistic Staff and performers.

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Thank You!

It takes more volunteers than bones in the human body to produce the Annual BareBones Halloween Puppet Extravaganza. A roar of “Thank you, all!” to the volunteers, collaborators, and supporters of all kind, plus all those unnamed excellent others who helped to create the 25th Annual BareBones Halloween Puppet Extravaganza, BONESEED: Mist Stories.

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Poster Art by Quinn Rivenburgh, Design by Henry DeGrand