Thank You!

For all your support with You Were Once Wild Here, the 23rd Annual Barebones Halloween Extravaganza!

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Barebones is seeking a Production manager for Halloween 2017

The Production Manager, or Production Team, oversees all aspects of the Barebones Halloween Extravaganza, working directly with the Hiring committee, the artistic director, the stage manager, volunteer coordinator, and the site manager. $2000 salary. Job duties are concentrated between July 1st and November 5th.

  • Must be detail oriented and organized.
  • Must be comfortable with Excel spread sheets, Google doc.s and online file storage.
  • Must have good communication skills with email, phone, text and talking directly to people as needed.

Please submit a resume to and a cover letter addressing these points:

  1. What is your artistic and organizational history, and do you have any experience with traveling theater or outdoor festivals?
  2. What are your facilitation and communication skills?
  3. Have you participated in Barebones before?
  4. Barebones is a uniquely collaborative organization, what is your experience with collaborative decision-making and radical inclusion?
  5. Give an example of your ability to get things on a deadline.

Please submit to the Barebones Hiring Committee, co-chairs Jesse Pollock-Foote and Mina Leierwood.