Hullabaloo: BareBones Halloween 1996

The 3rd Annual BareBones Halloween Extravaganza

Directed by Julian McFaul

October 31, 1996

BareBones Productions' first, official "Halloween Extravaganza" Hullaballoo was performed at Audobon Park in Marine-on-St. Croix and at the abandoned Ross Island Power Station in St. Paul.

This huge, outdoor spectacle included a 100' long snake, fire antics, stilted skeletons, marigold dancers, a giant, walk-through tree, amazing paintings by Brad Dahlgaard and Krista Pearson, a converted EMS-SUV, zany performances by Ephraim Eusibio, and lots, lots more… The show that started it all!

BareBones Halloween 1996 skull

The Ensemble: Alexis Vaubel · Alison Heimstead · Amy Ballestad · Ariel & Micol Cafarilli · Aron Not · Beth Grant · Charleen Van Horn · Cherie Anderson · Chris Rieffer · Crystalline Cooper · Daniel Casper · David Miller · Ephraim Eusebio · Erin Perusse · Jami Kemma · Jazmin Hedges · Jessica Braun-Ferris · Jim Parker · John Heine · Julian McFaul · Kali Wali Wolf · Krista Pearson · Laura Rede · Laura Silver · Lisa Fugile · Lisa Pantano · Lyle Goding · Marcy Rede · Maren Ward · Mark Phillips · Mark Safford · Marky Baby Rossow · Mary Jo Nikolai · Meghan Flynn · Mike Huber · Ryan Billig · Sam Ridenour · Sarah Gordon · Sarah Small · Scabious · Shelley Chinander · Shirley Heitzman · Stacey Bulera · Stari Hedges · Stephanie Knutson · Steven Moroukian · Susan Hirschmugl · Suzy Byaner · Suzy Deak · Willis "Bo" Bowman

Additionals: Adam Pearson · Brad Dahlgaard · Brendan Hubbel · Dhann Polnau · Jill Thompson · Jose Ponce · Matt Weathers

Interns: Leah Armstrong · Abbey Armstrong · Jennifer Groves · Stephanie Hastings · Tony & Anna Scozzari

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  1. Steve Moroukian on October 16, 2009 at 12:30 am

    This is one of my most fantastic memories of all time. The fondest of the fond was doing the show at Marine on the St. Croix – setting up – watching faces as this tiny tiny village transformed into something it was only once, and will never be again. Then, as an amazing contrast, the show moved to North East Minneapolis where an entirely different village crowd go to see a local park merge with art and display something it too had never seen and never will again…not in the same capacity.
    Thank you oh thank you for the experience. Perhaps it will happen here…in Bend, Oregon some fine day. LOL

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