The 24th Annual BareBones Halloween Extravaganza

Co-Directors: Arwen Wilder & Jäc Pau

October 22, 28, 29, 31 · 2017

barebones croak
2017 Art by Amy Taylor · Design by Cici Wu


Arwen Wilder and Jäc Pau

The condition of our world in 2017 requires listening. We are all called upon to relearn how to truly listen. Each of us needs to find better ways of listening to those experiencing pain, grief, oppression, or cruelty; to our friends and neighbors in marginalized communities, and those who are affected by the weight of our broken systems. Through listening comes the necessary understanding of our loved ones, our friends, our community members, and of our shared experiences, of the earth.

At the beginning of this process there was no story. As directors, we had no specific images to share, or lessons to teach. We began by asking ourselves: “what happens if we listen.”

We heard our sorrows harmonizing with those around us. We heard our fears, our guilt, and our shame in a chorus of voices all feeling the same crap. We heard the sounds of violence in our country echoing the toxic hum of racism and imperialism that reverberates from generations before. All of this we need to listen to and witness. Our future depends on it.

We believe that a successful performance comes from a positive, sacred, collaborative, and radically inclusive space. One where every voice can be heard and every anxiety shared freely. Multiple ideas, perspectives, realities, or visions can co-exist simultaneously without attempting to synthesize or simplify the experiences and world views of those involved—but only if we listen.

Tonight we listen to our bodies. We listen to our ancestors. Tonight we come to celebrate the unknown with hearts full of gratitude. We come bearing the heavy knowledge that our beloved humanity maybe finding itself in darkness, on a planet trying to say goodbye. Where do we go from here? What if we were humble enough to listen?


Arwen & Jac Co-Directors

Stilting with Sarah Chapman

Starri-Altar to the Dead

Queen Serena Black-Staff Artist


To the following 255 known volunteers, staff, collaborators, and supporters of all kinds, plus another dozen or two unable-to-get-named excellent others who all helped to create this remarkable 2015 Halloween Outdoor Puppet Extravaganza

Abby Peeples, Alan, Alan Petroski, Alexandra Eninsche, Ali Kress, Alice Stokes, Alison Heimstead, Alyssa Kluver, Amoke Kubat, Amy Ballested, Andi Cheney, Andrew Bendzick, Andrew Siess, Andy Fisher, Andy Ked, Andy Kedl, Angelina Roslik, Angie Tillges, Ann Viviano, Anna Johnson, Antonina Trofka, Ariel Currie, Asako Hirabayashi, Asher Edes, Autumn, Ava Krmpotich, B Peterson, Barbara Peterson, Barbara Tarrant, Blacher B, Bob Carrigan, Bones rockstar, Brent Harring, Brent Matson, Brent Schumacher, Bucky Johnson, Buddy Lambe, Caitie Ryan-Norton, Caitlin Dippo, Carolyn Brownlie, Casey Silver, Chad Colledge, Chris Lutter, Chris Pennington, Christian Bausback, Christian Schempp, Christine Gamm, Chuck dollar, Constance Peruski, Cyrus, Cyrus Aibe, Dallas Johnson, Damon Kalan, Dan Polnau, David Baldus, Davis Brently, DeAnne Parks, Dhann Polnau, Diedre Austin, Donna Mienko, Douglas Salona, Ea Eckwall, Elana Centor, Eliot, Eliot Hart-Nelson, Elle Thoni, Ellen Leier, Ellery Wealot, Ellie Kingsbury, Eric Giandelone, Eric Hofstad, Eric Larson, Erica Concession, Eva Adderley, Eva Louise Cone Adderley, Eva Matson, Ewart Martens, Flora Gaard, Gilas Jackie, Giuliana Ciabo, Grace Lindblad, Grace Liublad, Greta Gaard, Greta Hillstrom, Greyson Maria, Hannah Mississippi, Hannah Scott, Hannah Wilson, Harris Arsham, Hayden litner, Hazel Lambe, Heartbeat studio, Heather Hirichsen, Heather Matson, Heidi Eckwall, Henry, Henry DeGrand, Holly, Huk Stoike, Infiammati Fire circus, Ini Augustine, Jaida Grey Eagle, Jake Miller, James Byron, James Concession, Janelle Ulysses, Jason Rodriguez, Jeanne Evenson, Jef van madrone, Jenn Pennington, Jenna Grey Eagle, Jennifer Engle, Jennifer Wood, Jeong Ae Neal, Jeremy Gaston, Jesse, Jesse Pollock-Foote, Jessica Cram, Jessica Hanson, Jim, Jim Parker, Jo Huber, Jocelyn/Josie Wilder, Joey De Leon, John Alspach, Jon Terry, Jonas Specutor, Jonathan Townsend, Jordy Breslau, Joseph solinsky, Josh, Joshua Houdek, Joshua Moudek, Josie Wilder, Joy Bostrom, JP Pizarro, Judd Rappe, Jugi Kumaladewi, Julie Jao, Juna, Justin, Kara Dennis, Karen Eisert, Kari Rightfoot, Kat Eng, Katheryn Paral, Kathy Kolstad, Kathy Paral, Katie, Katie Capistrant, Katie J, Katz Plunkett, Kim Keen, Kimojo emeka, Kristi, Kristi Ternes, Kristin Freya, Kristina Golden, Kurt Seaberg, Laura Levinson, Laurel Chapman, Lauren Patridge, Laurie Helling, Leah peitso, Leif Ogren, Leona, Lindsey Thomas and Jeff Hauck, Lisa Carlson, Liublad Grace, Lora Johnson, Lucien Randolph, Luka Carlson, Lukas Norton, Lura Elizabeth, M Kearns, Madalyn Rowell, Madi Ballis, Maedya Kojis, Marcus Smith, Marella, Maria Greyson, Mark McGraw, Maryanna Harstad, Matt Bulera Weathers, Matt Gogola, Mavis, Mavis Parker, Max, Mazy Ficton, Megan Sauborn, Michael Hulburt, Michael Rose, Mike Harris, Mike Huber, Mina Leierwood, Molly Bendzick, Molly Finneran, Momoko Tanno, Munir Kahar, Nadine Teisberg, Naiomi, Nancy Sampson, Nathan Huckeba, Neil Holley, Neil Holly, Nell Nere, Nick Kourajian, Nina Berglund, Nina Eagin, Nola Parks, Nolan Berglund, Olaf Nekitt, Olander Sarah, Olive Gladney, Olli Johnson, Orin Rubin, Paige Collette, Pasha Milbrath, Patti Gille, Patti Paulson, Patty Gille, Paul, Paul Fisher, Paul Vandivort, Paul Weig, Paul won Savage, Penelope Brown, Pete Johnson, Peter Morrow, Phoebe Kirchner, Quinn Rivenburgh, Rachel Mckinley, Rachel Peterson, Ramon Cordes, Reggie Neal, Renee Spillum, Repo/Sharon Meister, Riva Irene, Rob Clapp, Robert Kucela, Rose Whipple, Rubin Orin, Ryland Nelsen, Sachan Ostlund, Sadie Luetmer, Sage, Sam Ferlo, Sami Pfeffer, Samie Johnson, Sammy Herrera, SantaERIK Riese, Sara Sherva, Sarah Larsson, Sarah Torchia, Sawyer Matson, Sebastian Schnabel, Seth Bockley, Sharon Bostrom, Sharon Dill, Signe Peterson, Song, Sonja Kuftinec, Sophia Benrid, Spratlin Alicia, Stacy Gillings, Steve Ackerman, Stoike Helk, Suez Taylor, Susan Tapp, Tanah Weathers, Taylor Suez, Teresa Butel, Teresa Hansen, Thane Maxwell, Thea Stone, Theo Trofka, Theresa Mason, Thomas Leier, Titus Brownlie, Tobi, Tony biele, Triada Lundeen, Ulli Eckwall, Vox medusa, Wescott Alspach, Will Doherty, Wills Aurelia, X Xena, Yarrow Benrud, Ynes Jennings, Yong Ye, Zach Kolodziej, Zephyr Weathers


BareBones extends our deepest thanks to all our community for your donations. We’d like to extend a special thank you to our donors who have given in advance of the show, whose donations represent a shared faith in the common good of public art.

Alexandra Ecklund, Andrew Arsham, Ann Longfellow, Anne Cross, Arlie Davis, Barbara Peterson, Barbara Shelton, Becky Fillinger, Ben Jacobson, Bruce Ohnstad, Carol and Dennis Hove, Chris and Sue Eidem, Christina Beck, Christine Gamm, Christine Hammes, Ewart Martens and Mary Fulton, Frank and Raquel Wood, Gregory Huonder, Jennifer Allan, Jonathan Crain, Jonathan Townsend, Journey Gosselin, Julie Andrus, Kurt Seaberg, Kurtis and Kathy Hunter, Margaret Barbis, Nathan Mitchell, Noah Simcox, Rick and Diane Miller, Stefan Thrust, Stephen and Christine Clemens, Sue Hass and Michael Sommers, Tara Fahey, Tim, Carl, and Jean Garbarini, Tom Snell, Virginia Brown, William Eisert and Becky Kismohr.

Special Gift Recognition

For many years, two remarkably generous donors have given a major financial gift each Fall to support BareBones’ Annual Halloween Outdoor Puppet Extravaganza. We truly honor Joan and Frank (Pancho) Safford of Evanston, Illinois, for their selfless support of outdoor spectacle performance in the Twin Cities. Thank You Joan and Pancho!

Special Thanks!

to the following collaborating, cooperating, and supporting organizations who helped make the 24th Annual BareBones Halloween Puppet Extravaganza possible.

  • Acroyoga
  • Action Auto
  • Andrew Bendzick and the Fire Safety Crew
  • Avalon Healing Farm
  • Bad Dog Antiques
  • Bedlam Theatre
  • Brass & Body Works
  • Brass Messengers
  • Bread and Puppet
  • Bryant Lake Restaurants Inc
  • Budget Truck Rental
  • Can Can Wonderland
  • Center for Moving Cultures
  • Chicks on Sticks
  • Chuck Dollar
  • City of St. Paul
  • City Wide Artists
  • Conflict Resolution Center
  • Cycles for Change
  • D&D Service
  • Devata Daun
  • Dirty Romance Novels
  • East Lake Craft Brewery
  • Firefly Credit Union
  • Free Wheel Bike
  • Gaia Democratic School
  • Green Barn Garden Center
  • Hardtimes Cafe
  • HeartBorne Mediation
  • Hiawatha Reddy Rents
  • House of Balls
  • In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre
  • Indeed Brewing Company
  • Infiammati Fire Circus
  • Jack Brass Band
  • Jazzland Wonderband
  • Matchbox Coffee
  • May Day Café
  • Merchandise Tent
  • Minnesota Conway Fire & Safety
  • Mixed Percipitation
  • Moon Palace Books
  • Mu Performing Arts
  • New French Bakery
  • Nice Ride MN
  • North Star Media
  • Northern Sun Merchandising
  • On Site Sanitation
  • Palmers Bar
  • Peace Coffee
  • PolsFussianPictures
  • Powderhorn Feed Co.
  • Puppet Farm
  • Purimetrics, Inc.
  • Quality Propane
  • Savers
  • Seward Cafe
  • Seward Co-op
  • Seward Redesign
  • Sgt. Pamela Barragan
  • Sisters’ Camelot
  • Smart Set
  • Southside Family School
  • Springboard for the Arts
  • St. Paul Parks and Rec
  • Tempeh Tantrum
  • The Big Blue Box
  • The City of St. Paul
  • The Fire Lotus LLC
  • The Grow Fangs
  • The Medical Professionals at the First-Aid Tent
  • The Twin Cities Puppeteers
  • Timco
  • Tony Biele
  • Vern’s Dumpster Rental Inc.

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