BareBones Halloween Card 2006

The 13TH Annual BareBones Halloween  Extravaganza

Co-Directors: Soozin Hirschmugl & Maren Ward

October 28-31, 2006

The Uninvited Guest was based on The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allen Poe. Prospero is hosting a party in the fortress of freedom where those of wealth are invited to seek refuge from the plague.

Audiences will gather outside the gates for a shadow puppet show detailing this plague. An invitation will be issued and audiences will make their way down a trail of superstition to the pageant site where a masquerade ball is in progress.

As the guests make their way from room to room they discover that from which there is no escape.

As has become customary, the pageant included a section where members of the audience are invited to honor friends and relations that have passed on. People are also offered a chance to do so privately afterward at artistic installations set up on site for this purpose. A reception following the performance in the Hidden Falls Park pavilion provided food, drink and live music.

This activity was made possible in part by a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council with funds appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature.


Trevor Adams · Emily Anderson - Sound Tech · Erik Bang!!! - Flaming Ringmaster · Jackie Beckey - Music Director · rah kojis - fire performer/choreographer · Brent Harring - Site Coordinator, Usher Coordinator · Soozin Hirschmugl - Co-Director · Kevin Long · Josina Manu Maltzman - Stage Manager · Julian McFaul - Grendel · Erik Ruin - Shadow Director · Mark Safford · Douglas Saldana - Masquerader · Tom Snell · Andrew Wagner - Lighting Designer · Maren Ward - Co-Director


The Barebones Halloween Show is my favorite art event of all time, happening in my time. It's outside, at night, anarchically run, rampantly creative, mythic, death + taboo delving, earth + animal promoting, gorgeous, funny, scary, sad, gross, vibrating eerie, smells good, low-impact theater-as-ritual, + ritual for community. I fuckin love you guys + now no more procrastinating - I'm gonna join you.
- Andrea D., Minneapolis

I missed going to the river this year. It would be nice to have the Halloween Show ASL-interpreted b/c it can be extremely hard to hear the dialogue. Other than that, no complaints. You guys are awesome! Oh… you may have to add more shows. Pretty crowded this year!
- Joe S., Minneapolis

I've been coming to the Barebones Halloween Show for years - it's always enthralling, moving, joyous and funny. But I wonder whether the two puppets could engage in antics that are less violent. That part made me sad. I was afraid of the impression it made on young minds. We live in such a violent culture, could not our creativity produce humor of a revolutionary nonviolent nature? Maybe they could out do each other with gifts or tricks? I know there are nonviolent, non-zero sum games. Thank you for your work, your love + your joy!
-Terry H., Minneapolis

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