Extravaganza Attendance Information

Important Notice to Attendees

Please read through the information below before attending the BareBones Extravaganza. It covers ticket-holder event entry times and instructions for cyclists. Understanding how and when to arrive will create a smooth experience at the gate for everyone! We greatly appreciate your attendance and your cooperation ❤️ 💀

Entry Times

There are separate entry times based on the type of ticket you purchased. Please check your print-at-home or mobile ticket to determine which type of ticket you have (examples shown below).

General Admission or  Need Discount

  • Entry from 6:00p - 6:30p
  • These ticket holders were the earliest purchasers and will have early entry to get their preferred spot on the lawn.

Second Round Admission or  Round 2 Discount

  • Entry from 6:30p - 7:00p
  • Please wait until 6:30p to get in line, as early entry ticket holders will be queued up until then. There will be entertainers at the gate while you wait 😊

Walk-Up Tickets Buyers

  • Entry from 6:30p - 7:00p
  • We recommend getting in line early (5:45p - 6:00p). We’ll just ask that you wait until 6:30p to enter the audience area. There will be entertainers at the gate while you wait 😊

How Do I Know Which Ticket I Have?

Your print-at-home or mobile tickets will show what type of ticket you purchased. Please look in the following spots for the designations outlined above. Also, please have these tickets out and on-hand when you are in line.

Print-At-Home Ticket

Mobile Ticket

Instructions for Cyclists

We will be trying to minimize traffic on the Greenway, as there will be both audience members and performers crossing to and fro. We ask instead that you come along 11th Avenue, if possible - there will be signage to indicate the bike path. There will also be bike racks located near the top of the audience seating area.

Seating and Attire

There is no hay bale seating this year. All attendees, including those in the ADA area, must bring their own chair or blanket to sit on. Also, we are outdoors, so dress warm! This can include bringing blankets, extra layers, etc.