Cry of the Ancestors

October 31, 2021

Live music · Arts activities · Danza Mexica · Puppetry · Spoken word · Food

12pm/noon: Procession lines up at Powderhorn Park · 1pm - 3pm: Ceremony at Powderhorn Park followed by a procession to E Lake St & Chicago Ave · 3pm - 7pm: Festival de Las Calaveras at E Lake St & Chicago Ave · 7pm: Ancestor Concert and Cabaret

Face masks and physical distancing recommended.

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2021 Co-Directors

BareBones Puppets in Partnership with Festival de Las Calaveras

Mina Leierwood · Director of Procession
Xochi de la Luna · Director of Performance
Adriana Cerrillo · Director of Culture
Deborah Ramos · Director of Festival de las Calaveras

Xochi de la Luna, Adriana Cerrillo and Mina Leierwood have stepped forward to lead the Barebones Extravaganza, transforming the Barebones of the past into the unfolding mystery of the future. “El Grito de los Ancestros” - “the Cry of the Ancestors” aims to unify the many communities that make up Minneapolis in celebration of the Cycles of Life.

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