2021 Extravaganza Announcement

Co-Directors Mina Leierwood, Xochi de la Luna, and Adriana Cerrillo, and Deborah Ramos

Mina Leierwood, Director of Procession
Xochi de la Luna, Director of Performance
Adriana Cerrillo, Director of Culture
Deborah Ramos, Director of Festival de las Calaveras

Xochi de la Luna, Adriana Cerrillo and Mina Leierwood have stepped forward to lead the Barebones Extravaganza, transforming the Barebones of the past into the unfolding mystery of the future. A one day event Sunday October 31st; including a Community Pageant Procession beginning in Powderhorn Park, leading to Festival de las Calaveras at Chicago and Lake Street, followed by an evening concert and Cabaret with the theme of grief, loss and death. The theme “El Grito de los Ancestros”- “the Cry of the Ancestors” with the goal of unifying the many communities that make up Minneapolis in celebration of the Cycles of Life.

Open Community Gatherings will be Sundays at Powderhorn Park, 1 - 3 PM, 33rd Street and 10th Ave. South Minneapolis, beginning Sept. 12th.

Learn more at www.festivalcalaveras.com

Grant Recognition

Metro Regional Arts Council
Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment

Additional show details, schedule and locations, coming soon!

2021 Statement of Intention
(from the Board)


BareBones exists to present the Halloween Extravaganza. It is a vehicle for naming, mourning and honoring the dead, both the known and unknown, including the victims of neglect, police brutality and genocide. It is an event for collective grieving through community art as we enter the cold and dark time of the year. These things are desperately needed in 2021. As artists our tools are vision, manifestation, transformation.

Barebones, and each of us in the United States, exist within a history of theft, genocide, slavery and white-body supremacy. We live and work and make art in the context of systems which intentionally build inequity and division, and a context of massive brutality by those in power at every level which rips from us our humanity and our connection to our bodies and the earth. In recent years we have taken steps towards undoing white-body supremacy within BareBones, with an eye on Minneapolis and the larger culture. We promise to do more. Here, we continue the following action promises to be accountable to.

Removing barriers to participation: Qe will consider this as we make every decision about governance, hiring, location, cost, content and messaging.

More about hiring: This year, as in other recent years, we commit to hiring — especially to leadership positions — at least 50% people who are Black, Indigenous, people of color, transgender, queer, people with disabilities and women.

Learning/unlearning: This year we will again offer the following.

  1. for Black and Brown bodies: Black, Indigenous, people of of color only special event during the making of the show for social and artistic support
  2. for white bodies: “embodied white allies workshop” and
  3. for all bodies: community conversations around cultural appropriation and creating a culture of consent.
  4. for the directors: encouragement and the cost of attending B’Dote tour to understand the history and importance of the Hidden Falls Park site to the Dakota people.

Safety: We will continue to advocate so that the city will allow us to find a police-free alternative to keeping BareBones events safe. We have a “safer spaces” committee devoted to helping the BareBones community be welcoming to all who feel called to join and to helping with conflicts as they arise.

Permissions: We recognize that Hidden Falls is close to B’Dote, the confluence of the rivers and the Dakota holy site. We will take this bridge-year, when we are not yet going back to Hidden Falls Park, to continue learning more about that long history and deepening and healing our relationships with the land and people.

We hope you will join us to make BareBones 2021 what this community needs it to be.