Barebones 21st Annual Halloween Extravaganza


Come one and all! Barebones turns 21! Join us for our delicious concoction, Metamorphosoup. 

Metamorphosoup takes the legend of Stone Soup, and mixes it together with the oozy history of the Primordial Soup. Set on the banks of the Mississippi, the show teems with a flood of grief, and bursts with a volcanic eruption of life!

  • Saturday, October 25th
  • Sunday, October 26th
  • Thursday, October 30th
  • Friday, October 31st
  • Saturday, November 1st

7PM at Hidden Falls Regional Park , St. Paul

Tickets: $10-20 suggested donation

Calling all Puppeteers!

Barebones, with less than a week to go, we need your help! It takes over  100 volunteers each year to make the show run – we need performers, ushers, parking attendants, and much more. All hands available to help! Here are ways to get involved:

TinyBareBonesvulture   Calling all puppeteers, stilters, dancers, movers, and shakers. Come revel in the beauty and splendor of the park; we still need LOTS of people to come be in the show. Come to a rehearsal or email stage manager Lynette:



We made a beautiful zine for volunteers this year! For all the performances total, we have 30 Parking Volunteer Spots, and 60 Usher Spots! Each night, we need:

bareboneslogo1006 Parking Volunteers  – Help direct cars to the right spots. You get to wear an orange vest and wield an ultra-bright flashlight! Please arrive by 6PM. To Parking Volunteer

12 Ushers – Help people get to the hay bales safely! A great way to help out for one night! Please arrive by 6PM. To Usher, email Rob

Come Build! Come Play! Make Barebones

It’s time to build Barebones! Join us at the NEW community design space

10671443_714800901796_7961232130377023650_nCOMMUNITY BUILDS

Come turn cardboard, paste and rubber ties into beautifully gruesome puppets

Tuesdays and Thursday 7-9, Saturdays 12-5

Runs Sept 16th – Oct 16th

York Trading Building, 2213 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis MN, 55404

10647172_10202671220998163_7940627183947450970_nCOMMUNITY REHEARSALS

Play in the park as we create the show together through movement, stilting, fire and much more.

Sundays 1-5

Runs Sept 21st – Oct 19th

Hidden Falls Regional Park, 1313 Hidden Falls Drive, St Paul MN 55116, Magoffin Entrance


Barebones Productions’ Wants YOU for our 21st Annual Halloween Extravaganza!

BareBones BuildCalling Puppeteers, Performers and Makers! Current, Former & Brand Spankin New!

We are looking to hire a team of artistic collaborators (Puppets, Costumes, Music, Movement, Technicians, Music) to help create and execute the vision for this years show.

This years directors are: Willow Cordes, busy-beehiver, seasoned facilitator, and raised with a puppet in her hand; and Madeline Helling, teacher of future generations of puppeteers, and so exuberant that you’ll forget you’ve been paper mache-ing for the past 5 hours.

If you’re interested in being part of this team, please inform us of your interest ASAP!

We want to hear what you’re interested in doing and current passions regarding the Halloween Show. [Read more...]

August 2 & 3: Dumpster Duels 2014!

barebones dumpster duels 2013Get ready for Dumpster Duels at Tiny Town Studios (Washington St NE and 24th Ave NE)!

High noon. August 2.

BareBones Productions challenges Southside Trash and a mystery competitor to pull a puppet show out of a dumpster full of garbage, while adhering to several made-up rules that will be taken very seriously. Audience members can watch us or help us create the shows – stop by ANY time (we’ll be there) – or:

See the final products at 5pm, Aug. 3.

Afterwards, there will be a party hosted by Tiny Town, featuring dance music and DJ Acemalaysian.

All proceeds from Dumpster Duels will benefit BareBones Productions and our 21st Annual Halloween Extravaganza.

*Event is outdoors–dress for the weather!*

Dumpster Duels 2013 Gallery

After a 5 year hiatus Dumpster Duels returned on July 28, 2013, for a down and dirty puppet showdown as piles of trash were transformed into a wild and raucous puppet show. [Read more...]

BareBones on SPNN Forum

Published on Oct 2, 2013

Host Sanni Brown talks with Maren Ward and Mark Safford of BareBones Productions about the company’s upcoming Halloween extravaganza, “Carry On – A Requiem for 20 Years”

Thank You to All!

Carry On - barebones posterFor the members of the Halloween audience who joined BareBones over the course of five nights this year, thank you for being part of public art, for supporting community theater, and for celebrating the season and honoring the dead.

Read more about the BareBones Halloween Extravaganza 2013 on the Carry On! home page.

Thank You to the Cast and Crew of Carry On!

The following known 215 Aerialists, Artists, Board Members, Builders, Carpenters, Choreographers, Cooks, Coordinators, Dancers, Directors, Editors, Fire Performers, First-Aid Providers, Fundraisers, Graphic Designers, Kid Wranglers, Kitchen Hands, Lighting Designers, Managers, Musicians, Organizers, Painters, Papier-Mache Hands, Parking Lot Hands, Photographers, Police Officers, Performers, Puppeteers, Riggers, Site Hands, Sound Engineers, Stage Hands, Stilters, Storyboarders, Ushers, Videographers, Visiting Artists, Writers and various Helpers, Collaborators, and Supporters of all kinds, plus another dozen or two unable-to-be-printed Excellent Others all helped to create the 20th Annual Halloween Outdoor Puppet Extravaganza.

Bruce Abbott, Steve Ackerman, Nick Aguirre, Alan, Alex, Christopher Allen, Spencer Anderson, Bahiyyih, Angelina Ball, Amy Ballestad, Lela Horst Baumann, Jackie Beckey, Bee, Erin Winter Belfry, Andrew Bendzick, Catherine Biringer, Calla Blaney, Aidan Blank, Amber Phelps Bondaroff, Amy Borgman, Angela Brewer, Joe Bridge, Lelis Brito, Brian Brugioni, Alex Cafarelli, Katie Capistrant, Susie Carlson, Tony Chapin, Sarah Chapman, Kim Christensen, Giuliana Ciabo, Jason Colvin, Bahiyyih Comeau, Willow Cordes- Eklund, Patrick Costello, Angie Courchaine, Nick Cousley, Jessica Cram, Sam Cramer, Autumn Cunningham, Rob Czernik, Emily Dantuma, Dave, Tina Decker, Mitchell Dose, Tona Dove, Siri Dove, Logan Drill, Ryan Dunlop, Alicia Dvorak, Ulli Eckwall, Heidi Ecl<wall, Asher Edes, Marian Kimball Eichinger, Kimoja Emeka, Tara Fahiey, Fiona, Andy Fischer, Madeline Fisher, Caitlin Fowles, John Francis, Yana Frank, Kristin Freya, Sophie Frost, Greta Gaard, Flora Gaard, Chris Gamm, Lucy Geach, Patty Gille, Lazer Goese, Renee Gonneau, Scottie Hall, Jayme Halritter, Brent Harring, Mike Evenson (Harris), Maryanna Harstad, Starri Hedges, Lacey Prpic Hedtke, Lacey Hedtke, Alison Heimstead, Madeline Helling, Dan Herman, Alyssa Hill, Soozin Hirschmugl, Mike Hitzel berger, Aaron Hoffmeister, Eric Hofstad, Sean Hokland, Alana Horton, Alisa Hoven, David Hoyt, Xena Huff, Izzy, Rosie Jablonsky, Jane, Julie Jao, Jane Jefferson, Ynez Jennings, Couch Surf John, Ron Johnson, Olli Johnson, Owen Jones, Oliver Jones, Lucy K, Paulette Kawalewski, Rebecca Kelly, Kelly, Jonathan Kennedy, Lucy Kerzin, Bill King, Jane King, Rah Kojis, Kirstin Kooda, Jo Krause-Johnson, Bob Kucera, Kurt Seaberg, Chloe La Pointe, Willow La Pointe, Pamela Laizure, Sarah Larrson, Matt Larson, Sarah Larsson, Lynette LaRue, Sam Lee, Mina Leierwood, Greg Leierwood, Aaron Lewis, Charlie Longbella, M Looze, Andy Looze, John Loyoza, Elyse Lyon, Jeff Maas, Angela MakiJones, Mindy Matten, Matty, Julian Mc Faul, Lindsay McCaw, Crystal Meisinger, Zoe Michael, Paul Michalke, Pasha Milbrath, Jason Misik, Natalie, Nell Nere, TJ O’Connor, Allison E. Osberg, Paul, Amber PB, John Pearson, Marti Pearson, Roger Peet, Liz Petersen, Isaac Peterson, Tracy Peterson, Tracey Peterson, Soma Peterson, Barbara Peterson, Junauda Petrus, Sean Petteway, Kendra Pollock, Olivia Quintanilla, Kari Rightfoot, Riva, Nickey Robare, Nickey Robo, Anna Rodell, Marky “Baby” Rossow, Spencer Roth, Erik Ruin, Eric Ruin, Mark Safford, Douglas Saldana, Soma Samathi, Stacy Sanborn, Friede Sander, Rachel Schreiner, Alex Schroeter, Richard Schulze, Peter Schulze, Seamus, Donna Sellinger, Kait Sergenian, Kat Sheva, Song, Violet Soule-Fahey, Nicole Stanich, Sarah Steinman, Huck Stoike, Emrys Stramer, Natalie Taber, Anwen Taber-Buley, Amy Taylor, Kristi Ternes, Joe Toth, Joseph R. Toth, Serena Tritscher, Juliette Trujillo, Andrew Turbes, John Velie, Waffle, Beth Wagner, Maren Ward, Matt Weathers, Kat Weisberg, Justin Wells, Carly Wicks, Eddie Wilburs, Wilda, Arwen Wilder, Inga Wing, Cindy Yang, Ahmed Yusuf, Sasha Zavyalova, Nadeja J. Zoller


This year’s show was dedicated to the following members of the BareBones extended community who have recently crossed through the veil. Their lives have touched us and this show and We Remember. Andy Heimstead. Louis Ervin Hirschmugl. Jim Koplin. Elyse Stern. Robert Ward.