Update: October 9

As BareBones 2020 moves forward, we continue to honor our commitment to hold space for death, loss, grief, ancestors, and remembering of our Twin Cities communities. Yet, this will look different, in a powerful way. BareBones 2020 will be a multifaceted response by more than 36 artists to the fires of Lake Street and George Floyd Memorial in South Minneapolis. This epicenter of generational mourning and collective healing is the focus of the artists and the individual works they will create.

Our Co-Facilitators, Harry Waters Jr. and Lelis Brito are connecting the cohort of artists from within multiple communities that includes and extends beyond those known to BareBones. This new collaboration will take the place of any live events where the public is invited due to the safety considerations of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each artist will also receive resources and support for their participation.