Statement from 2018 Co-directors

This year we are exploring the theme of “Ancestors”, and experimenting with a different creation-structure. We will open with a ritual of welcoming and initiating, then put together 4 – 5 stories that Staff-Artist-teams and Community-members will be the designers and directors of, honoring or inspired by an ancestors-inspired theme. For example, Ancestors of a common diaspora, culture, or gender-identity; Ancestors recently passed away or from the more distant past; Ancestors with a common message; Ancestors who fought for or birthed or created something in our present world that we are grateful for or inspired by. Rehearsals will be a process of discovery, working independently and coming together for sharing/reflecting with each other. End of performance: A collaboratively-created ritual of closing and gratitude. -Malia Araki Burkhart and Tara Fahey, BareBones Halloween Co-directors, 2018