BareBones 2020 · OFFERINGS: Artists Respond to the Mourning, Grieving and Fires on Lake Street

Theresa Linnihan

We Grieve Together

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Created by artist Theresa Linnihan, We Grieve Together is an installation of over 30 figures—mourners for the many fallen to racial prejudice, gun violence, police brutality, abuse of our planet, and the pandemic that surrounds us.

“My hope is to make a space for that grief, to remember and feel a part of a gathering for change,” noted Theresa.

photos: Paul Irmiter

The mourners hold a long banner that lists the many relationships and dreams that have been broken. These hopes and bonds are a setting for the phrase, “SAY THEIR NAMES.”

In the recent OFFERINGS live pop-ups: the work was shown on Lake St. between 19th and 20th Ave. Oct. 25 to Nov. 5, 2020. The public was invited to write the names of their missing beloveds on cloth strips for “we all have much to grieve this year,” said Theresa.

About the Artist

Theresa Linnihan is a theater artist who, for more than four decades, has been performing, designing, directing, and writing for a multitude of stages from New York City to the great outdoors in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Minnesota. As a puppeteer she has toured to Pakistan, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Korea, and The Czech Republic. She has served as associate director for The Czech American Marionette Theater and as a producer and librarian for The New York Puppet Library, sponsored by The Puppeteers Cooperative. She founded Theater in the Open at Maudslay State Park, MA and was its artistic director for 16 years producing original adaptations of myths and fairy tales.