Loren Kellen

Loren Kellen as SisyphusWith great sorrow we honor the life of our departed friend, brother, teacher, lover and hero, Loren Kellen, who left us on Friday, October 2, 2009.

From Mark Safford:

Sorrow for the world’s loss. Particularly in our circle. Loren was Prometheus as inventor, Sisiphus as performer, Apollo as the bringer of the sun, Lover in the truest sense of the word and a vital energy that this world needs to stay in balance. Loren shared and his swing was a testament to his confidence and ability in life’s pleasures. He was a ready hand at whatever he put his energies to, and those energies were significant. An active force of reuse and reanimation Loren was a collector collaborator and creator of quality moments in life. Dancing with Otis Ouray on fiery blacktop. Brilliant rough hewn flamingos speak to both his artistry and his capacity for love of life. Always an adventurer, navigating rivers, or Lake street on the equinox. He was and is a beautiful incarnation and my head burns with a welling sadness for Lisa and all of those who will miss him. There are few who live life so well.

From Maren Ward:

Dear Sun crews past and future,
You may or may not have heard by now: our beloved Capn Bobber, Loren Kellen, has sailed on to the other world. He had a heart attack in his van on the lake street peace bridge at around 3pm on Friday, Oct. 2nd. He was surely an extraordinary person and to say he will be missed is probably the biggest understatement I’ve ever uttered.
peace, Maren

View a photo gallery from Loren’s Floatilla on Lake Hiawatha on October 4.

Visit lorenkellen.com for more info

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