Halloween Co-Directors Named

BareBones is excited to introduce our co-directors for the 25th Annual Halloween Show:

Malia Araki Burkhart and Tara Fahey

This team of dedicated artists come from rich, multi-disciplinary backgrounds with community focus.

Tara Fahey is a multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on puppetry, textiles, screen printing, and lantern-making. Since 2005, she has choreographed, designed costumes, directed, and performed with Chicks on Sticks. Her recent work includes co-creating the Monarch Migration Shanty and a current installation by the Illuminated Reef Collective. Tara’s lineage is a multi rooted tree from Ireland, Norway, Czechoslovakia and France.

Malia Araki Burkhart is a multi-disciplinary performance artist, producer and director, songwriter/musician, visual artist Somatic Massage Therapist, community artist, arts educator and mother. She is based in Minneapolis and has created art locally and internationally. “Art is necessary for the growth and sustenance of the human spirit. I dedicate my life to saying YES to creative urges and healing creative wounds.”