30th Annual Extravaganza

October 27, 28, 29, and 31, 2023

On the Midtown Greenway: 2828 11th Avenue S, Mpls, MN

Puppetry · Stilting · Dance · Fire · Live Music · Song

Past Shows

Join us to see what 2023 brings...


Sofia Padilla

Sofia Padilla posing with a puppet of an old man.

Heather Hinrichsen

Healther Hinrichsen smiling infront of a background of organge and red flowers.


Amber Moore (Artist)

Baki Baki Baki (Artist)

Danielle Hendricks (Artist)

Fletcher Wolfe (Artist)

Gustavo Boada (Artist)

Ken Rivera (Artist)

Piper Smith (Artist)

Serena Black (Artist)

Zarra TM (Artist)


Eva Adderley (Shared Artist Role)

Kateri Krantz-Odendahl (Shared Artist Role)

Maggie Arbeiter (Shared Artist Role)

Mary Jo Nikolai (Shared Artist Role)

Mark R. Safford (Stilt Coordinator and Puppeteer Consulting)

Carlisle Evans Peck (Music Director)

Mina Leierwood (Altar Coordinator)

Pedro Julio Becquer Jr (Fire Coordinator)