Call for Halloween Artistic and Production Staff for the 26th BareBones Annual Halloween Outdoor Puppet Extravaganza

Calling all theatrical puppet artists, designers, and production-minded nerds. BareBones Puppets is now accepting applications for multiple stipended contract positions for the 26th Annual BareBones Halloween Outdoor Puppet Extravaganza. We need your expertise to bring this multifaceted outdoor Halloween spectacle to life.

This year, our shows will be performed on October 25, 26th, 31st and November 2nd, 2019, at Hidden Fall Regional Park in St. Paul, Minnesota. The contract period is from mid-August through mid-November 2019. All positions are employed as 1099-MISC Contractors, and are expected to be available throughout the contract term.

Desired Experience

Due to the unique nature and collective structure of our show, we encourage applicants to have previously participated in a BareBones production or residency. Experience in one or more of the following disciplines is strongly desired:

  • Puppetry
  • Circus
  • Spectacle Pageantry
  • Theater
  • Musical theater
  • Dance
  • Community engagement

Really Important Dates

  • Applications for Halloween Artistic Staff are due: 11:59PM on Monday, July 1st.
  • Production Staff applications are due: 11:59PM on Saturday, August 10.
  • Staff Orientation: Monday, August 19th
  • Community Storyboards: Sunday, August 25th; Sunday, September 8th
  • Annual “Halloween Kickoff”: Tuesday, September 17th
  • Public Build Workshops: September 19th thru October 17th
    • Thursdays & Thursdays, 7:00pm-9:00pm
    • Saturdays, 12:00pm-4:00pm
  • Weekly Production Meetings: TBA
  • Rehearsals: September 22nd thru October 24th
    • Day rehearsals: Sundays, 12PM-4PM
    • Evening rehearsals: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday Oct 21st thru 24th, 6:00pm-10:00pm
  • Performances on October 25th, 26th, 31st and November 2nd
  • Clean up: November 4th thru 9th
  • Cast & Crew Appreciation Potluck: Sunday, November 10th

Artistic and Production Staff positions include

  • Artistic Staff – A key member of the creative team that designs and builds puppets, masks, set pieces, props, and costumes for the production. Offered as full time and part time positions. Compensation is:
  • Music Director – Produces an original score, recruits, rehearses, and directs a live volunteer orchestra, and manages the nightly setup and strike of the musician shelter.
  • Choral Director– Recruits, rehearses, and directs a live volunteer choir
  • Fire Art Staff – Manages the design, build, staffing, and staging of all fire inclusive puppets, masks, set pieces, props, and costumes for the production.
  • Aerialist Staff – Manages the design, staffing, and staging of all aerial related aspects of the production.
  • Aerialist Rigger – Must be a certified arborist and have experience rigging for aerial performance
  • Choreographer – Works the Artistic Co-Directors to imagine, design, and teach choreography within the vision of the show to dancers of all skill levels.
  • Lighting Designer – Design the lighting plot and manage the lighting board for the production. Procure and return lighting equipment, and manage setup and strike of the equipment for required rehearsals and all performances.
  • Sound Engineer – Design the soundscape and manage the sound board for the production. Procure and return sound equipment, and manage setup and strike of the equipment for required rehearsals and all performances.
  • Skilled Builder – A skilled carpenter who assists with specific construction projects
  • First Aid Provider – Medical professional to serve as a first responder during all nightly performances.
  • Production Manager – Oversees all aspects of the production process including functioning as a liaison between administrative and artistic staff, planning and organizing production schedules, procuring all necessary permits, and estimating and negotiating project budgets.
  • Site Manager – Oversees site specific components of the Halloween Extravaganza
  • Stage Manager – Responsible for supporting the Co-Directors and managing the stage during all rehearsals and performances.
  • Audience Services – Responsible for overseeing all audience related components during performances.
  • Parking Coordinator – Oversees traffic flow management and volunteer traffic personal during all nightly performances
  • Head Counter – Head Counter oversees the head count and assists Parking Coordinator with crowd control during nightly performances.
  • Merchandise Tent Coordinator – Manages the setup, staffing, selling and nightly sales accounting of BareBones merchandise. The coordinator also manages the printing of T-shirts.
  • Usher Coordinator – Assists the Volunteer Coordinator in the recruitment of volunteers and manages volunteer ushers during all nightly performances.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Liaison between the Artistic/Administrative staff and the BareBones community. Main point person for volunteers at all workshops. Oversees the recruitment of volunteers, volunteer relations, and the collection of contact information and data for grant purposes.
  • Hospitality Coordinator – Provides hot food and beverages for builds and rehearsals.
  • Publicity Artist – Works with community to design original artwork for the 2016 poster, postcard, tabloid and flyers.
  • Graphics Designer – Responsible for creating the digital layout of all promotional materials for the Halloween Extravaganza.
  • Photographer – The staff photographer photo-documents the entire Halloween Extravaganza experience including kick-off, builds, rehearsals, performances and community gatherings and parties.
  • Videographer – Responsible for capturing high quality video documentation of the performance for archival purposes.

BareBones’ Mission statement: To bring art into community and community into art through movement, puppetry and spectacle performance; creative re-use, education, and collaboration.

About The Halloween Extravaganza

Since 1993, BareBones Productions has presented The Annual Halloween Outdoor Puppet Extravaganza, a community-created spectacle pageant of larger-than-life puppetry, drama, stilting, dance, fire, music, and song that honors the circle of life by celebrating its arc of death through the seasonal metaphors of Fall. BareBones presents the popular “Halloween Show” each year as a grassroots Halloween community arts event, appropriate for all ages, that takes place at Hidden Falls Park in St Paul. Over 275 artists, builders, musicians, puppeteers, performers, technicians, ushers, and helpers of all kinds are involved in the creation of each performance. During the past two decades, the show has grown from one performance to five, and our combined audience has mushroomed from around 100 to over 8000.

Barebones’ Stipend Policy

Stipend Policy Statement

Over the last 26 years, BareBones has developed an unique community-based structure to facilitate the creation and performance of the annual Halloween Extravaganza. The show has been a way for people to work and play together in an inclusive, all-ages environment, pool their talents and resources, and find ways to fulfill the need to collectively grieve for the departed. We also observe the changing season at the time of year known as Halloween, Samhain, All Hallows Eve, harvest festival, and others. In order to make participation accessible to as many people as possible, our resources are focused on keeping the workshops, rehearsals, and performances free and open to an all-ages public, with a pay-what-you-can donation request at the gate, and home cooked meals at every workshop, at night time rehearsals, and after each performance. Over the years, as our production and audiences grew in size and numbers, it became practical to obtain commitments for certain kinds of work, which is how stipended staff positions came into existence. We cannot offer what is called “a living wage”, but we do have community to work with to find additional resources for those who need them, and can work towards addressing limitations and concerns in terms of hours worked, transportation, meals, and other potential obstacles to fulfilling the “standard” hiring contract.

Please feel free to contact the hiring committee at [email protected] if you would like to discuss options.

Thank you! Puppets! Community!