Call for Directors for 2019 Halloween Extravaganza

Each year, a new director or team of co-directors is chosen to facilitate and weave together our community-based collective storyboard imagining and creationing around the themes of the changing of the seasons, death and grieving, and the mysteries of life and death. In the past, a team of co-directors has worked very well and is a highly desirable asset, although not essential. The director(s) is(are) the hub and heart of communication between artists, crew, and administration, a mix of stipend staff and volunteers, who all bring vision, enthusiasm, and various histories of past participation to the highly collaborative creation of the unique Halloween Extravaganza experience!!

A director’s core responsibilities are:
  • Facilitation of 4 or more community storyboard brainstorm meetings (Aug.-Sept), the elements of which you are responsible for weaving together to create the show.
  • Presence and co-facilitation (with staff artists) at one Kick-off event (Sept) and build workshops three times a week for 6 weeks (Sept-Oct).
  • Facilitation of development of show through open rehearsals on Sunday afternoons for 6 weeks (Sept-Oct), as well a final tech week with evening rehearsals.
  • Presence and availability at each performance(6 nights) including Halloween night.
  • Please submit a resume and a statement of vision to:
  • Applications are due no later than June 10th, 2019. Decisions will be made by June 24th.
  • The Director contract begins August 1 2019, and ends November 15, 2019.
  • Co-directors will be paid $2000 for the season