The 17th Annual BareBones Halloween Extravaganza: “Carnetheria”

BareBones presents Carnetheria, a puppet spectacle that plumbs the deep and darkest depths of a dreamlike Carnival for all ages.

A special BareBones “Thank You!” to all who made the 2010 BareBones Halloween Extravaganza a huge success!  Carnetheria played for a record five performances before a total audience estimated at a record 6,384.

Using larger-than-life puppets, shadow puppets, bike puppets, costumes, masks, song, dance, stilting, aerialism, fire artistry, and original music by a live community orchestra, the BareBones Halloween Outdoor Puppet Extravaganza delivered an unforgettable nighttime spectacular through the best traditions of community theater, public pageantry, and seasonal celebration.

This year’s show was based on concerns that the use of technology and energy without consideration of the possible consequences is causing irrevocable damage, not only to the planet, but to our very humanity, and was inspired by Ray Bradbury’s novel, Something Wicked This Way Comes. Carnetheria was an allegorical tale wherein a mysterious Carnival represented the world and we were tempted to exploit its vast resources for temporary satiation of our desires for comfort and security. At the same time, we acknowledged that through transformation and acceptance of the transitory nature of reality, healing is possible.

Please visit the Carnetheria page for information about the show.

This activitity is funded, in part, by the Minnesota arts and cultural heritage fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.